With Silver Coastal Developers, prepare to live the life you deserve.

Silver Coastal Development (SCD) is a US based company with a successful track record in developing temporary, emergency and permanent housing and facilities for government organizations and private developers all over the world.

When most people hear the term modular home, many definitions come to mind and our research shows that most people have no idea how amazing they are! These homes are attractive, customizable, sustainable energy cozy abodes that can be placed anywhere with unparalled safety construction that boast resistibility to 200mph winds.

Our showroom is located in the heart of Houston, TX. Clients from all over the world visit us to see our custom designed modular homes and to meet our team of specialists available to assist you in deciding what your project calls for.


To share the benefits of modular and sustainable energy products with the world, creating much needed affordable housing and business models that appeal to individual taste on a universal scale.

Our job is to consistently locate target markets and find ways through public and private funding to bridge the development gap in underdeveloped and economically challenged areas and to provide temporary and permanent housing and business solutions for people in need across the world. Silver Coastal will provide the right modular home or business structure based on clients geographic location and landscape. Silver Coastal Development is working hard to provide low income and no income impoverished areas with safe, environmentally favorable housing and facilities rapidly in an effort to end suffering due to unforeseen disaster and the current state of global economics; To generate a job market at the point of origination (manufacturing facility location) and additional opportunities in destination markets.

This plan extends beyond standard construction but also into community development directly to areas in need in the form of building educational institutions, medical facilities and defining rich agricultural ground to ensure jobs for area citizens. SCD is all about clean energy resources such as fossil fuels and solar energy to ensure these areas are properly sustained with clean, cost effective power. Silver Coastal Development seeks to continue working hand in hand with both government and private sectors to accomplish this goal.

Silver Coastal Development is the derivative of core company, Mike Adams Enterprises, dedicated to the rehabilitation and development of distressed areas and homes.

The Future

SCD is preparing to break ground for their new manufacturing facility to create sustainable energy products focusing on the development of custom modular homes and commercial structures. This indoor facility with assembly line construction will allow development all year round, unaffected by weather or any other deterrent in process completion. This effort will provide over 500 jobs and a stabilized operation to support current projects. We anticipate manufacturing will begin in our Texas plant by Third Quarter 2012. With current product being assembled in Italy, Silver Coast Developers goal is to reduce costs and create jobs in the US by bringing this segment of their operation to the home city.

Always looking to generate new resources, Silver Coast Developers welcomes organizations dedicated to GREEN and sustainable energy projects to contact us!!

With Silver Coastal Developers, prepare to live the life you deserve.